Getting Hooked

I've decided its time to get my youngest brother hooked on fly fishing. He loves to fish but doesn't get out as much as he should, so we planned a trip to one of my favorite still waters where I knew I could get him into a few fish. My alarm goes off and I'm stoked and ready to leave in about 7 seconds, but I don't think Sean shared my same enthusiasm. After a little work we got him into the truck and we were off. We pull up the the water I walk Sean thru setting up his rod, leader ect and we were casting in no time. Sean impressed me, casting well on his first trip especially on this particularly windy day.  I told Sean to watch his indicator as it usually doesn't take long at this spot... I had to eat my words. We didn't catch shit for the first hour.  We made the call to move across the lake and i'm glad we did! Sean caught enough cutties to make Don Jon's arm sore.  Sean even helped me spot a couple bigger fish to site fish. Today was an awesome day in my book.  Spent some time with the little bro, caught some trout and we even got to eat corn dogs and pizza.

Brandon Mena