The Green 5/31/14

If you can't tell we like to fish, and sometimes the drive to fish surpasses reason. Josh and I heard cicadas! We didn't think twice and we were on the road to the mighty Green. Josh sleept the whole drive so I had plenty of time to run thru various scenarios in my head. Some of these included, but not limited to: surveying emerald waters for rising trout, big foam bugs and hook setting Papa Jesus. A few hours later we pull into Dutch John to find out flows had doubled at 7:00 pm the previous night and were doubling again at 7:00pm.  We set up camp, and hit Little Hole as fast as we could. I love the Green's beauty and it will never get old, but as we walked we noticed one uncommon thing... The river was surprisingly un-busy for a Saturday which i'm guessing was not an awesome thing. We walked, and walked some more but no Cicada takers were found. We fished hard all day with not a whole lot to show for it. The flows were up and everyone wading was struggling. The people in boats were catching fish.  We went back to camp to figure out a game plan for the next day and meet a real nice dude named Pete who gave us the heads up on a couple spots we could hit on the way back home the next day. It was a good thing we meet Pete because we were able to catch a few more fish.
The day after getting  home I got word that a section of local water I like to fish had cleared up and risen up a bit. I went with my good buddy and we did really well! It just goes to show that timing is huge. Here I am at a river 35 minutes from my house catching more fish than I did at the Green.  Just like other trips we were able to learn a lot, especially how important water conditions are. More importantly we had a great time and we'll definitely be back, but next time we'll bring the boats.


Brandon Mena