Berry Lucky

I remember last November getting a text from Brandon saying " breh I got the boat!"'He had been in the market for a new pontoon boat for a while and finally pulled the trigger! Being the poorer younger brother I rightfully inherited his old pontoon. Now that's a come up!  We were hellbent to go hard on some Stillwater and got on the lake the first day we both had off. 

We got on the water at 8:00 am that day and started throwing every bug we had at them. Brandon landed three or four fish in the first few hours we were there, meanwhile, I couldn't buy a hit. At the time I had lost my spool of sinking line on a prior trip and I knew I wasn't getting down to the right depth. I tied on a extra long leader and threw on different wooly buggers, still nothing.  After watching Brandon land a few more nice cuttys I admit I kinda felt helpless. I paddled back to shore to take a little break. Sitting there I was debating going back on the lake and convincing Brandon that we should hit the river on the way home. No way in hell was I going to tell Brandon we should leave when it was one of his first trip out on his new boat that he had worked hard and saved for so I decided to give it another go. Digging threw my gear I remembered that I had bought 7.5' sink tip a few months back.  "This could work", I thought and I tied on the sink tip then threw on one of my go to flies, the purple showgirl. About twenty yards off shore I finally landed my first fish of the day and damn it felt good. I get the fish off the hook and casted again. Boom! just like that I had another fish on. I caught three nice cutthroat just on the paddle out to Brandon and it only got better! 

By the end of the day I had caught probably twenty trout all in the last couple hours we were there. Even Brandon was impressed. For the first time while fly fishing I felt like "I figured em out" and that was satisfying. The harder you work the luckier you get!

- Josh

Josh Mena