Birthday Vacation

My 25 birthday was one for the books. There aren't many places I'd rather be than chilling waist deep in a river full of trout.  I had the time of my life doing just that with my best friends and family on The Henry fork of the Snake.

We arrived at the cabin Thursday afternoon, unpacked, then got right to fishing. Our first stop was Box Canyon.  It was my first time fishing the river and there was no defined hatch, so picking my fly was just a shot in the dark for me. I tried a few different patterns that Brandon tied up before the trip. Let's just say Brandon is a beast on the vise. I feel much more confident fishing his flies than my beginner, mediocre, not so beast flies. After fishing for about a hour I had no luck so I dipped back into my fly box. This time I decided to use a couple of my go to flies I tie up for my home waters.  I threw on a scrappy Copper John that had a pheasant tail fiber tail rather than goose biots (first copper johns I ever tied) and a Rainbow Warrior (I'm good at those). After a few cast I finally hooked up! I was so pumped I pretty much howled in laughter.  It wasn't the biggest but was a very beautiful CuttBow with beautiful cutthroat markings. I had brandon snap a few picture then I  set it free. It only took a few more cast, in the same run, before I hooked up again. I thought it was so cool that out of all the different and ornate flies I tried that day it happened to be my scrappy Copper Johns that caught most of my fish that trip. 

 We fished two more days all over island park, even got a chance to fish Henrys Lake a watch brandon land one of the best looking cutthroats I've ever seen. The weather was great, the fishing was awesome and the company was even better.  I wouldn't have wanted my 25th birthday any other way!


Josh Mena