A little bit of stillwater

When you work retail like I do having all day Saturday to fish is certainly a rare occasion, so I made sure to take full advantage of it and head up to one of our favorite Stillwater fisheries. It's a bit of a drive so we got a late start, but after some sketchy gas station breakfast burritos and coffee we had made it! Within 10 minutes on the water I had my first fish on, a nice looking colorado cutty! This was also a chance to break in my new Simms freestone waders... Amazing waders! 

After snapping  a few pics of the first fish I guess he decided he was done and took a leap of faith back into the water... But not before we had snapped this awesome fish flop picture! Probably my new favorite picture


Now it was time for some serious fishing!

After fishing this lake for 2 years, our buddy jay still hadn't caught a tiger trout. Well that changed today. Not only did he hook into his first tiger but he hooked into three! You could have heard him hooting and hollering from the other side of the lake. It was a blast to see how excited he was. 

My mom who is normally uses a spinning rod and bait ( I know right?) was finally convinced to put down the spinning rod and try out the fly rod... and she killed it! She actually picked up the biggest fish of the day. 

We all have those days where no matter what we do or try, the fish just aren't interested. The day you had envisioned to be full of fish basically turns into a day of practicing your casting... Unfortunately cody was having one of those days. But after putting in some work he finally nailed this beaut of a tiger! Its amazing what that first fish of the day will do to a man... 

While this lake does hold some huge fish, today it seemed more about quantity vs size, which certainly isn't a bad thing! We had It was a great day filled with good friends and plenty of fish. 

Tyler Kunz