2016 Wasatch Fly-Tying and Fly-Fishing expo

Every year here in Utah we get the privilege of attending the Wasatch Fly-Tying and Fly-Fishing expo at the South Town Expo Center. Its a 2 day weekend event that has everything fly-fishing. This expo is everything Fly-Fishermen wish the Outdoor expo was (its all hunting these day's) so we all look forward to it!  We usually work weekends but we made sure to get some time set aside so we could attend, because it's fly-Fishing heaven! This year we saw everything from fly tyers to fishing workshops and gear. We tend to get a little giddy and stat running around like kids in candy store but we made sure to follow a route to so we could see every booth... I know, sounds crazy. A lot of great company's were there this year, Blue Halo, Tacky, Clackacraft, Fly fish Food etc... We spent the majority of our time hanging out at the Fly-Fish Food booth, as Cheech was cranking out some streamers on his sweet regal vise. 

While we were at the Fly Fish Food booth, Brandon discovered the new Regal vise in custom colors, specifically purple. Now you might think that most men wouldn't like a purple vise, well you're wrong. I'm not much of a tyer and I really wanted that bad boy. Not as much as Brandon... I saw a look in his eyes that can only be comparable to the first time a boy sees boobs, it was magical. 

Next stop we made was the Blue Halo booth. If you aren't familiar with these guys, they are one of the leaders in fiberglass fly-rods. Which I will be honest about, I never been real fan of fiberglass rods. They have always been slow, heavy and just not my thing. That changed when I cast the new Blue Halo 7wt. We were able to take it to a casting area and give it a chuck, wow is all I can say. I could cast that thing 80 feet with out much effort. I am convinced its the perfect carp rod. I'm looking at crafty ways I can come up with some money to add one of these to my arsenal. Anyone need some yard work done? 

The last booth we ended up at was the Flycraft booth. Flycraft makes awesome rafts that will float damn near any river. This is especially appealing on account of the smaller rivers we have here. The Weber and the Provo can't really support drift boats, but this thing will glide through the low water like champ. Plus it folds down to fit in the truck of your car... say what!? I have a feeling one of these will be our first Feather Flinger business expense.

Needless to say we left this years expo with a lot of new ideas, dreams and free stickers. These are just of a few of the companies that were there, so if you didn't make it this year we look forward to seeing you next year when Feather Flinger has our own booth :) Here are the links to the companies featured here, check them out.





Tyler Kunz