or queen, we don't want to exclude the ladies here at feather flinger *WInk Wink*  Well, fall fishing is finally here! I don't know about anyone else but I look forward to fishing in the fall every year. Why? 1: It keeps all the fair weather fisherman at home, so less noobs creeping up on my fishing hole while they ask me "Hey, what fly are you using?" and then proceed to cast right over my line... Dicks  2: The flows settle down to a nice, calm and wadeable flow that anybody can wade and the fish seem to enjoy it. And finally 3: Those angry ass brown trout who are taking a break from boning each other to smash my streamer as it strips right in front of their big kyped face!! With that being said, we wanted to take full advantage of some time off we all had and head to a couple of our favorite spots. 

Our first stop? A little bit of stillwater heaven that shall remain unnamed (Sorry trolls) I am really starting to enjoy the simplicity of still water fly-fishing. And if you can find the fish you will most certainly be rewarded. Brandon was clearly the frontrunner of fish landed from the lake today.

We had such a killer day here on the lake that instead of hitting the river the next day we decided to head back here to try and snag a few more of these toad bows... After about an hour drive in on some pretty sketchy roads we pull up to the lake. Frozen! In literally less than 12 hours the damn lake had frozen solid, with at least an inch of ice. So back to the river we go...

The Green River

I personally have only fished this river once before now. Why? I don't know, probably The drive, I'm cheap, and the fact that my wife hasn't given me permission to buy a drift boat yet... I have no excuse and I am ashamed. However If going forward this river fished like it did on this trip, I will be hitting this water WAY more! We were hoping to see some good dry action but we saw no bug activity on the water so we rigged up some streamer rods and nyphing rods and off we went. We struggled for the first couple hrs to find the fish but once we did we were on! Hooked into this piggie of a brown on a little frenchie variation I had tied up the night before. Then brandon, and then josh, and the my dad. It was fast fishing from there for next few hours


And then we found some rainbow love!

We even had TWO doubles that day, first one we lost a fish out of the net but we had a second chance later that day and we made sure to snap that pic...


What an absolute blast this trip was, and the scenery was awesome. I truly believe everyone needs a trip like this everyone in a while to recharge and reconnect with the river, the fish and good friends and family. It is a trip we will continue to do every year thats for damn sure. 

Tyler Kunz