Feather Flinger's Top 10 Fly-Fishing books by Tyler Kunz

Ok so this might seem like a lame blog post. Who wants to sit down and read about fishing? Why not just go fishing? Well trust me, as much as I enjoy reading a good Fly-Fishing book I would rather actually go fishing. But, as we all know thats not always an option. So when I need a break from watching Frozen for the 407th time with my kids, I reach for one of these 10 books.... You will see a mix of Educational and novel style books recommended from both Brandon and Myself.  There is something for all anglers here... Enjoy.

Number 1:

A river runs through it by Norman Maclean: These are in no particular order, but it would be blasphemy if I didn't start with this classic.  This is one of those time's where the book is better than the movie. I mean sure, watching brad pitt (He actually had a stand in cause Mr. handsome couldn't cast a fly rod to save his life) articulately cast a dry fly to a big ass rising trout on film is great, but it doesn't compare to Norman Maclean describing it to you. The man is an artist. I have secretly always wanted to be writer and norman maclean is one of my favorite writers. The dude has a way writing that makes you wanting more. He can describe an evening spent on a river in such a way that you would take a donkey punch from mike tyson just to fish there. Its a short book, only about 90 pages. Do yourself a favor and grab a cocktail,  sit in that big ass comfy chair and read this story. Available on amazon.com for $7.95


Number 2:

Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel: Let's face it, learning to nymph is like unhooking your first bra. The first time you try you will stumble around a bit while looking like a fool, but eventually you get that hook unsnapped ad behold your first breast aka Trout. This book takes all the bra fumbling out and gives you the tools to be a pro. George Daniel is a boss and knows his shit, He was a manger of TCO fly shop in Pennsylvania and now runs Livingonthefly.com which covers education, guiding, and speaking arrangements. I love this book because it literally covers every type of nymphing technique. It talks about high water, windy days, tight line nymphing, fast water etc. For someone who wants to take their nymphing/Bra fondeling skills to the next level this book is a must. Available on amazon.com for $31.04


Number 3

The Orvis Fly-Fishing guide: by Orvis veteran Tom Resenbauer. If you are not familiar with Tom's work you oughta check out the Orvis Fly-Fishing podcast. This was one of the very first educational fishing books that I added to my collection. It covers basics like, Fly-Fishing equipment to how to read all types of water. It has a ton of colorful photos that really help put all the information into perspective. It is available on amazon.com for $14.72 


Number 4

Trout bum by John Gierach: This book is by no means an educational book, but its a classic! John Gierach is literally living the trout bums dream... He is a writer of several books and regularly contributes to Fly rod & Reel magazine and lives by his favorite river in Lyons colorado. The book is a hilarious look at the lives of "Trout bums" Something every Fly-Fisherman aspires to be. He covers everything from how he makes coffee next to the river with a busted up old coffee pot and even a creepy ghost story he experienced while camping. This book will make you literally laugh out loud while he paints a picture of a high mountain brookie stream. Check it out! Available on amazon.com for $12.06 


Number 5

50 Best Tailwater to Fly-Fish by Terry & Wendy Gunn: This is one of those books that you're not going to just sit down by a fire and read from cover to cover, nah. Its actually pretty damn boring! Its the incredibly detailed information you're after. This book literally breaks it all down for you. Hatch charts, Best times to fish, places to stay, cell phone service and even "The best place to get a stiff drink" Done and done! After scanning through this I'm sure you will quit that crappy 9-5 job, trade that reliable sedan with seat warmers for a dumpy van with a pull out bed and hit the road... I know I would. Let me know if you have any luck convincing your wife its a good idea... I could use some tips. Available on amazon.com for $31.04

Number 6

The orvis beginner guide to Carp Flies: If you haven't ever caught a carp on the fly yet, you literally haven't lived. Remember a few books back how I talked about unhooking the bra? Well, landing a carp is like what you find IN the bra... Its awesome! Catching the "Freshwater Bonefish" Is tough. I mean actually really tough. I never knew that carp were so spooky. This book will cover literally every cop pattern you will need. From stillwater to rivers it has you covered. It will also cover some basic tips, tricks and really good info on how to catch these slimy stinky fish. The only thing it won't cover is how to get the smell off, literally the worst smelling fish I have ever encountered. Kinda reminds me of what Kim Kardashian might smell like.  Available on amazon.com for $9.13


Number 7

ale Morning Done By Jeff Hull: Meet Marshal Tate, A Montana fly-Fishing guide who is trying to restore his fathers ranch by building a fishable spring creek in which he can privately guide his clients on. Not only that, but he is pulled into a love triangle that he has no idea what to do with. This book is more about the life and struggle of a Fly-Fishing guide trying to make good. The writing style was simple but good. I really enjoy the way the author painted the picture of the areas and the fishing. You will get pulled into this and love every page. Available on amazon.com for $14.95


Number 8

harles Fly Box by Charlie Craven: Charlie Craven is one hell of a fly tyer. He ties commercially for Umpqua, who produces 15 of his flies. So naturally a book written by him is going to be awesome. Its primarily a Fly Tying instructional book, With over 700 full color step by step instruction photos. It covers flies like the jujube midge, the poison tung and some killer hopper patterns. I know that most of prefer to learn by watching videos online but if you want to learn from a true old school pro you need this book. Available on amazon.com for $29.95


Number 9

Barr Flies by John S.Barr: Have You ever fished a Copper John? How about a Barr's Emerger? Vis-A-Dun? If you fish for trout I guarantee you have had the pleasure of fishing one of John Barrs signature patterns. He is probably the most popular commercial fly tyer to date. In his book he covers his "Confidence" patterns, Aka the patterns he pulls out when the fish aint biting. He gives you color photos with step by step instructions on all of his favorite patterns. He even goes into detail about how to fish a 3 fly rig with the Copper John and the centerpiece. The dude know his stuff, and in this book you will learn it all. Check it out Available on amazon.com for $27.76


Number 10

The River Why by David James Duncan: 
Gus Orviston is a young fly fisherman who leaves behind his schizoid crazy family to find his own path. Taking refuge in a remote cabin, he sets out in pursuit of the Pacific Northwest's elusive steelhead. But what begins as a physical quarry becomes a spiritual one as his quest for self-knowledge batters him with unforeseeable experiences. I will be honest, It sounded a little to fluffy for me when I first discovered this book. And it took me a second time reading it to really see what the author was going for here. He does a beautiful job of tying Fly-Fishing to spirituality. Now I am not a spiritual dude, like at all. But I do know the power of being in the middle of the woods with a crystal clear river running underneath my feet while I try to fool spooky trout. This book captures the power of that and how it can literally change someones life. Available on amazon.com for $10.66


Curveball! I'm throwing in another book... and its not even a Fly-Fishing book. You've heard of the the golf legend John Daly right? You've Seen his hilarious pants that he wears on tour while riding in a golf cart with a cigarette dangling from his lips? Then you will want to read My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me By John Daly:
Why Am I putting this on a blog about Fly-Fishing? Other than the fact that it is a hilarious book and John daly is the man? Its my blog and I can put whatever the hell I want on it, John daly knows what I'm talking about. The writing is awful, but hilarious. He is completely unapologetic about his faults and mistakes. Which is honestly quite refreshing. I get sick of people pretending to be someone they aren't which is part of why I loved this book so much. The dude has serious drinking and gambling problem and you learn all about it. He talks about his "Love" Life, his money problems and how he is getting worse at golf. It really is just a hilarious book that is totally worth reading. It certainly made me feel better about myself after I finished it Available on amazon.com for $11.98

Well, thats it. Those are the top ten Fly-Fishing books. There are numerous other books that almost made the list but these were the ones I felt had to make the cut. If you end up actually reading any of these books then let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts, or even any other recommendations you may have. In the meantime check us out over on our Feather Flinger youtube channel...


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-Tyler Kunz

Tyler Kunz